Experience Pain Relief After a Car Accident: Our Chiropractor Can Help

Auto Injury

Have you recently experienced the trauma of a car accident? If so, you might have aches and pains that simply haven’t gone away. Without proper treatment, you could experience further injury and increased pain. The good news is this: chiropractic care after an accident can help.

At Anoka Chiropractic, we offer various non-invasive and low-risk procedures, allowing your body to start the healing process the right way. Patients who visit us after their car accidents find faster relief from their symptoms and an easier recovery.

Can Chiropractic Care Help Me After a Car Accident?

Absolutely! As soon as you’re involved in a car accident, it’s best to seek professional treatment for pain relief and recovery. You see, a body that is under stress is not able to recover properly. If the bones inside of your body are out of alignment—or out of place—this affects your nerves and joints. Without proper care, you could experience further damage and pain.
Often, after a car accident, we experience aches and pains from the jolts that occur. But, some pain could be persistent, signaling that something more is going on. Knowledgeable about holistic therapy and non-invasive treatment, we at Anoka Chiropractic help to realign your body, reducing your pain.

Steps to Take After Your Accident

If you’re involved in a car accident, there are certain steps you should take to ensure your safety.

  • Assess your body for injury. Make sure you haven’t suffered any severe injury prior to doing anything else. If you have passengers, assess them as well. Call 911 if help is needed for severe injuries or if your vehicle is in an unsafe place such as a busy intersection.
  • Call the police. You will need assistance, especially if extensive property damage and injury have occurred. Make sure a police report is filed.
  • Gather information. Exchange contact information, license plate numbers and insurance information with the other party, if possible.
  • Contact your attorney and insurance company. It’s important to ensure your insurance company receives the correct information about your accident for proper coverage. You may want to call your attorney to help you navigate the communications with your insurance company to maximize your potential coverage.
  • Get necessary medical treatment. All injuries should be addressed immediately following the crash with an ambulance crew and at an emergency room. Even if no severe injuries seem to have occurred, you might have experienced an injury that has yet to show. Make your chiropractic appointment now for longer lasting and quicker healing for all your injuries.

At Anoka Chiropractic, we treat injuries you might sustain after an accident, including whiplash, neck pain, back pain and joint pain. Sometimes, these injuries have symptoms that show up weeks after the accident. Make sure to see your chiropractor for an exam.

Auto Insurance and Chiropractic Care

At Anoka Chiropractic, we take all methods of insurance to ensure you get the treatment you need when you need it. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

Reach Out to Anoka Chiropractic for Car Accident Pain Relief

Visiting a chiropractor after a car accident is one of the most important steps to take. To receive the care you deserve, an easier recovery and pain relief, call or text us today at 763-421-1410. We look forward to getting you back to feeling like yourself again.

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