What to Expect at Your First Visit to Anoka Chiropractic

We’re so glad you’ve decided to pursue a better quality of life through chiropractic care. It is our goal to ensure you feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed during treatment.

What You Can Expect During Your
First Chiropractic Appointment

If you’ve never sought chiropractic care before, here’s what to expect at your first visit:

  • Before you arrive at our Anoka office: Dress comfortably and be sure to bring your photo ID, insurance card, and any health information you feel could affect your treatment.
  • Checking in at the front desk: Upon arrival at the clinic, we will gather all relevant information, including health insurance. We will ask you to finalize paperwork while we verify your insurance coverage.
  • Initial exam and treatment: Dr. Will will examine you and explain his findings to help you understand your condition. He’ll then present you with a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs before initiating any therapy. If you consent to the plan, Dr. Will will begin your treatment at this first session.
  • X-rays: In some instances, x-rays, CT scans or MRIs may be necessary to rule out more serious injury prior to adjustments, as well as to determine the best course of treatment. If you need any imaging services, we will refer you to your primary care physician or to a local imaging center such as Centers for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) or Suburban Imaging. Depending on your insurance plan, you may be responsible for partial or full payment of the imaging services.

In total, your first appointment will last approximately 50-60 minutes, including completion of paperwork.

A Few Notes About Insurance

  • Most insurance plans require either co-pays* or deductibles**. Co-pays are due at the time of each visit.
  • We accept all insurance plans and are preferred providers for most plans, including auto insurance, personal injury insurance, and workers’ comp.
  • If yours is a workers’ comp claim, we’ll need to know your insurance company, claim number, adjuster’s name, date of injury and place of employment.
  • Medicare plans will only pay for chiropractic adjustment, and not for any examination, x-ray, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, or any other additional treatment.
  • If you don’t have insurance, we will discuss same-day payment options, including same-day cash payment discounts.

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